About ADP

The Academic Development Program has been developed for faculty members and instructors who have recently joined METU and who are on the onset of their academic career. The program aims to facilitate their adaptation to METU as well as to increase the impact of their activities in the areas of education, research, and social services.

The program, which has been developed towards the goal of “Reinforcing the professional and individual development of academic staff and increasing their productivity” under the strategic initiative “Structuring the Strategy Implementation System, Supporting Staff Development and Institutional Learning” of METU Strategic Plan 2005-2010, has two main objectives:

  1. Accelerating the adaptation process of new faculty members, on the onset of their academic career, to METU and increasing the impact of their activities in the areas of education, research, and social services, by providing information about METU’s facilities, research and collaboration/cooperation opportunities as well as informing them about efficient teaching techniques.
  2. Increasing the application rate of qualified young faculty members to METU through promoting the Academic Development Program and its benefits.


The Academic Development Program is aimed toward Assistant Professors or Instructors who have been employed at METU within the last three years. Faculty members who complete the program are provided with financial support for their academic activities and are presented the opportunity to use other services reinforcing their academic development.


To complete the program, ADP participants must attend at least 80% of the approximately 55-hour program modules and each participant must make a final presentation within the framework of AGEP, in the areas of education, research, or social services. The total duration of the program (including meetings within the context of the mentoring program and the peer evaluation program as well as other social activities) is planned as not to exceed 90 hours.


Upon completion of ADP, the participants will be provided the following opportunities:

  • Financial support up to 30,000.00 TL from the Scientific Research Projects budget (The budget can be used for equipment, travel expenses etc., but not as a salary or scholarship payment)
  • Support for writing a research project proposal provided by the Techno-Park Project Office
  • Financial support in the maximum amount of 3,000.00 € EUR to be used in the development of an international research/development project approved by the Scientific Research Projects Committee (to finance participation in project meetings abroad etc.)

Participants must apply for the abovementioned opportunities within 2 years after the completion of the program.